I am a woven textile artist and maker originally from London but now living in Fife, Scotland.

Over the years I have studied Geology, Woven Textile Design and Early Years Education and now combine this knowledge and experience in my every day practice. The threads of the past pulling together to create the present.

I have been weaving for more than 30 years, beginning as a freelance designer for the fashion, interior and transport markets. A self-taught computer aided designer, my woven patterns have sold across Europe and North America, through trade fairs and commissions for established mills.

Since 2011 I have concentrated on craftsmanship, developing a range of handwoven products with unique designs and colours inspired by the landscape around me. Through a period of experimentation and learning I now create handwoven scarves, wraps and throws. These are sold at craft fairs and exhibitions in London, Oxford, Edinburgh, elsewhere in Europe and the USA. And so, the story goes on….

Having the freedom to develop my practice has recently pulled one of these threads in a new direction and I am now working on a set of large-scale woven textile art pieces as well as smaller framed works.

In 2010 an invitation by my son’s primary school to create some weaving activities for children which linked into the Scottish curriculum for excellence, resulted in a whole school project and a new enthusiasm for teaching children. Since then I have gone on to create weaving workshops for many schools, worked as part of the Learning Team at Stanley Mills, Perthshire (Historic Environment Scotland) and delivered craft activities for the Edinburgh Book Festival and Art in Action (Oxfordshire). I have also facilitated several ‘Meet your Maker’ events for Craft Scotland and created an online learning resource for teachers through the Heritage Crafts Association. More information listed under the Teaching section of this website.

If you require a detailed CV, please get in touch and one can be forwarded on to you.